Protect your company and client data with our Information Security Training! No Credit Card Required.


Your 30 days of MLevel includes:

  • Access to 1 ready-made Information Security online training mission – just log in and play
  • Proven increase in engagement using game-based activities
  • A glimpse into what MLevel can do for your company with microlearning and gamification
  • Full analytics suite to see learner insight, which is critical to driving performance
  • Training on handling client information, social engineering, password protection, reporting incidents, and more.

As always, we’re here to answer any of your questions along the way.

Offer valid for a limited time only. Additional training missions, customization, advanced analytics, and extra user accounts are available with an upgraded account. Please contact us for details

  • An overview of our authoring tool, which makes creating learning modules a breeze
  • An explanation of microlearning and gamification and how it helps learners succeed
  • Our new analytics platform (sneak peek!) and how it will help you discover exactly where your learners are struggling
  • Training trends and where our industry is headed



Most executives know information security training is important but don’t have the time or budget to create a complete training course.

That’s why we created our Information Security MLevel Mission: available for companies of all sizes, no work required, and no payment for 30 days.

Our course covers handling client information, password protection, social engineering, reporting incidents and more.

This course is already built and ready to go – no work required. Just log in and start learning!


With a complete course on proper information security practices, you will find confidence in your employees and the safety of company and client data. The course covers:

  • How to properly handle client data
  • What to do if an incident occurs
  • Password protection best practices
  • How to detect social engineering

The MLevel platform uses game-based activities and microlearning techniques:

  • Bite-sized, fun activities are proven to help users stay engaged and retain more information
  • Reduce overall cost and time to train with our ready-made mission – no work required!
  • Employees will effectively learn how to reduce vulnerabilities to your company

Our platform includes a robust analytics engine:

  • See how well your employees are comprehending the training material
  • View real-time analytics to watch progress as employees train
  • Discover a data-based ROI on your training efforts

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Empowering learners Together

We’re excited to announce that we are now a part of the Axonify family. To all of those who have supported the MLevel journey, we thank you!  Here’s to the next chapter and to furthering data-driven learning.