What is Casual Learning?

“I can’t wait to sit through these training classes for the next several days!” – said no one ever.

As a working professional, chances are at some point you’ve been inundated with boring printouts, PowerPoint presentations, outdated videos, or required exams. A day or two (or maybe even weeks) later you crawl out of that hole overwhelmed with information and uninspired by the stale, painful experience of “learning”. Workplace training programs are broken.

Enter “Casual Learning”.

Casual learning is learning that people not only enjoy, but want to use.

Workplace training shouldn’t be a chore. It should be easy to access, distributed in bite size learning, engaging, and promote a little competition. Make it fun and interesting. No one wants to attend your half-day compliance-training seminar. There are more engaging ways to communicate and assess the understanding of this information.

Casual learning rethinks learning to address the needs and expectations of the learners.

Don’t force new employees to drink from the fire hose; they won’t retain anything and you’re only hurting your onboarding process. Likewise, existing employees already have a lot on their plate. Don’t pull them away for hours at a time to sit through monotonous lectures – they’ve got other things on their mind like that client meeting coming up, and all those emails to respond to. Create a learning program that adapts to your learner’s needs and fits into their schedule.

Casual Learning is social.

Workplace training provides an incredible opportunity for team building. By integrating social components into your training program, you promote a connected culture and drive competition among employees. The result here is a stronger, more collaborative employee base.

Casual Learning is mobile.

Workplace training should be available on the go. Mobile phones have become an extension of our bodies, and like it or not, these devices are capable of some pretty amazing and powerful things. Casual Learning leverages the newest technology available to create cutting-edge learning programs. Mobile devices allow us to accomplish things at our own pace in a more fun, engaging, and effective way.

Casual Learning is personalized.

Make it personal. Learning that adapts to the learner’s skills and knowledge makes a more personal, tailored learning experience. Connect with the learner in a way that encourages excitement and loyalty.

At mLevel, we’ve built a platform that supports a fun, engaging, personalized, social, and mobile learning experience. This approach to learning has been found by cognitive science and brain research to make learning more effective with higher retention as well. Our solution to broken traditional workplace training is being used by many of the leading brands today, and our commitment to changing the way the world learns means workplace training doesn’t need to be boring.

Request a demo of mLevel today and see for yourself how casual learning is paving the way for a new way to learn!

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