How To Build An Awesome Mission – The mLevel Way

Here at mLevel it’s our Mission to change learning forever. Our platform allows Admins to design the perfect player experience for their users. It’s easier than ever to revamp old training or create new training and engage your employees with mLevel through lively, interactive learning games.

The mLevel Mission Manager is your one stop shop for loading and perfecting your learning content and there are tons of options and great features that allow you to make your Mission truly awesome. In a few hours you can create an mLevel Mission, accessible to users via mobile apps or web, that looks like it was custom built for your organization. No coding needed!

We want our players to have fun while learning, and I want to challenge our Admins to be imaginative as well. Working with clients over the past two years I’ve seen a lot of Missions go out the door – from ‘Types of Spiders’ to ‘O365 SharePoint’ to ‘Roofing Installations’. The Missions that I remember the most are those where Admins took that extra time to really customize the player experience. I’ve come up with a simple infographic with some ideas that are sure to make your next Mission unforgettable.

Awesome Mission Infographic


  • Use a Creative Mission Name – the more creative the better, and definitely more memorable
  • Personalize the Text & Upload Your Graphics – Sure our defaults will work just fine, but adding more context around the goal of the Mission or uploading images for your answers adds a personal touch
  • Update the Level Configurations – Super easy to use locations that are more relevant to your audience, like different offices. However CheckPoint doesn’t have to be locations. What about moments in history?
  • Use A Variety Of Activities – If you’ve gotten comfortable with the same activities in your Missions, your players might be bored. Treat them to something unexpected such as a Coordinates activity or entertaining intro video
  • Showcase Your Brand – Quickly update the colors to match your branding guidelines or possibly use the unofficial mascot as your Mission’s mentor
  • Spark Competition With The Leaderboards – Just think how interested people would be if the leaderboard was posted in the cafeteria or shared at the beginning of each day of a training class. Did you know users can send challenge messages to each other directly from the leaderboard? That’s a great way to encourage engagement
  • Challenge Your Players – it doesn’t just have to be who is at the top of the leaderboard, you could challenge them to share mLevel with a coworker or play as a team. Group competitions using the group-able leaderboards also motivates people to play even if they are vying for the top score.
  • Assess & Address Knowledge Gaps – make sure to check in on your Mission’s stats as they will populate in real time. You’ll find actionable data that will give you insight into areas your player may be struggling with. Also, send out reminders to encourage those who aren’t playing to get in on the fun!

I’ll let the last tip speak for itself – HAVE FUN!

I look forward to seeing the original, engaging Missions you develop in the future. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to your Account Manager or email

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